Cookies Policy

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1. Introduction

This website uses Cookies only for the purpose of improving and optimizing the experience of its users.


2. What are Cookies?

They are files of very small size that contain information relevant to navigation on this website. These files are uploaded by the device used to access this website (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) through the web browser during the user’s visit to the website.

Cookies allow you to:

Ensure the correct functioning of web pages.

Save user preferences (ex: chosen language, font size, etc).

Get information about the browsing experience provided to the user.

Get anonymous statistical information about the pages visited by users, time spent on the website.


3. Objectives of Cookies

The purposes of using cookies on this website are:

Ensure that it works correctly.

Facilitate navigation and improve the user experience.

The use of cookies allows the navigation of the website to be constantly optimized in order to provide a high quality experience that exceeds the quality obtained in the previous visit by the user.


4. Typology and functionality

According to its permanence, the cookies can be divided into two types:

Session Cookies:

They expire the moment the web browser window is closed. They are used to link user actions during the session.

Persistent Cookies:

They expire when your task or function is fully performed, its validity expires, or is manually removed by the user. They will be reactivated at each visit to the website.

According to their purpose, they can still be classified as follows:

Strictly necessary or essential:

They are essential cookies for the functioning of the website. They are responsible for ensuring the correct functioning and viewing of the website. They are activated in response to user actions such as the logon procedure or form completion.


Dedicated to collect statistical data on the performance of the website. No data is collected from users, only parameters of possible errors or performance of new features that may be or have been implemented on the website.


They are mainly used to support website features and can store some user information, such as the chosen language, customer area customization, etc.

Advertising or specific target:

They are used to record the pages that the user viewed and the links that he followed, in order to provide the user with the most relevant or interesting advertising content for the user. This information can be shared with third parties and used to evaluate the success rate of advertising campaigns.

Note: Any third-party websites may contain this type of cookies over which we do not have any control.


5. Block Cookies

If you wish, it may disable the browser’s cookie functionality or limit the use of cookies for a particular service.

Usually, any changes to the web browser level regarding how cookies are used and / or accepted may be carried out in the “Options” or “Preferences of the browser” section.

Follow the instructions to block the use of cookies for the most common internet browsers:

Google Chrome:


Internet Explorer:


Mozilla Firefox:


Apple Safari:


Users can choose not to share their data with Google services. To do this you must access the Ads Preferences Manager and the Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

In addition to the means described above for the different Internet browsers, the user may also use specific tools for handling cookies.


6. Consequences of blocking cookies on this website

By partially or totally blocking the cookies used on this website, some features and / or services may not function correctly or behave differently than expected (eg user preferences, or customer area settings are not saved or loaded correctly).

If you block the use of Cookies on this website, it is very likely that you will no longer be able to access certain areas of the website or that your experience of navigating the site will considerably degrade.


7. Additional guarantees and withdrawal of acceptance

Quinta de Cottas is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of any third party components that are included on this website.

The use and registration of cookies on this website may be subject to the acceptance of Cookies by the user during their visit to this website, to the installation or update of the used browser. This acceptance may at any time be revoked by means of the content and privacy configuration options already mentioned in section 4 of this policy.


8. Cookie Policy Change

Quinta de Cottas reserves the right to modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with legal or regulatory requirements in accordance with the law in force.

Any significant changes to this policy will be duly communicated to users of the website.

As this Cookies Policy may be reviewed at any time, in accordance with the criteria described above, Quinta de Cottas recommends that its users periodically review the Cookies Policy in order to be informed of the Cookies Policy in force.